Syncing up

9.19 Focus on direction and the Road ahead

Sometimes it may take a long 14 hour day for me to realize I’ve been syncing the whole time. I got up at 6am today. My bed was extra soft this morning.. It usually is days leading into a long work trip. I’ve postponed this trip twice already. Once due to Labor Day and again because I severely sprained my right ankle+foot. I finally learned to walk -sans crutches- a couple of days ago. WHEW! Just in time!

I never pack for a trip until the day I’m leaving. No reason, aside from I hate packing and love to procrastinate. Do I have enough to wear for a week? Yes. For a month? Sure. Cold weather, rainy weather, hot weather.. All of it. Bring it on! I finished overpacking for my trip through AL/TN/MS pretty quickly. I loaded the rest of my wares into my Toaster on Wheels and prepared to hit the road.

In case you’re wondering, I’m not a traveling Astrologer.. I’m a traveling sales person/trainer/negotiator/professional friend aka Natural Products broker. It’s pretty much awesome.

Before I left my heart in NOLA I visited Whole Foods for a visit with a category Buyer. Of course I also went for a fancy coffee. I bought some psuedo-meals and I headed North East. It’s only 9:15am. Wow. Awesome! I sucked down my 20oz half-syrup Caramel Almond Milk Latte wishing it was a 40oz. Why is coffee so damn good? I blasted past the Superdome and the Poydras St. exit.. Yuck, look at that traffic to get into the Central Business District! I’m flying past all dat!! Look at me!! I’m headed to Huntsville, Alabama! I’ll be there in mere moments! Weeeee Coffee!!!!

I obtained another short ten minutes at 70mph before my first delay. I’d passed the quarter, the 9th ward, the 7th ward, and gotten to the East Bank Bridge. Oh ok, repaving 2 of 3 lanes over the bridge during morning rush hour? Great job y’all! http://www.Brilliant.Gov!!! I congratulated myself for being so patient during this minor delay and breathed a sigh of relief it wasn’t an hour long issue. They’d blocked the exit from re-entry so all the “traffic skippers” were truly screwed. Wow, glad I didn’t do dat! Jokes on y’all!

Less than ten minutes after that, what appeared to be a massive Hurricane hit i10 East. From the moment I was beyond Orleans Parish, until the literal moment I entered Mississippi via i59, it was pouring rain.. Like, flood gates were opened.. It wasn’t just “rain” it was Louisiana rain also known as “Dear god please don’t let me die”. I reminisced about driving through Katrina.. Ahh, sweet memories. Deep breaths.. Deep breaths. There was a truck that wrecked (alone) on the twin span bridge over Lake Pontchartrain. Shit, that guard rail is like 2ft high. What’s wrong with people? I was driving 40, it felt fast, and I was hoping I didn’t land in the lake! What a freaky morning!

I made awesome time despite the random hurricane, construction, and all that. I was totally singing along to Kermit Ruffins album Livin a Treme Life when I got a text from my guy that said “Hello (good evening) how ya doin” Awesome, I was just singing those same lyrics. #sync

I made the mistake of passing a gas exit while running at a low-end quarter tank. Just a heads up in Mississippi, that equals running out of gas! I kicked myself as I realized my foolery and looked for a turnaround. Nothing. My gas light flicked on. I had my first “fuckfuckfuck” moment of the day. I was googling how much time I had before suddenly being stranded in the middle of nowhere. Ah, 40miles sayeth Google! Relief? Hardly. I was running on fumes when I made it to the pump. Yikes! More stress. Onward to Huntsville!

I passed what appeared to be a 20mile traffic stand-still. Naturally, it was going the opposite way which made me feel super smug! Once I was just South of Birmingham I was totally killing it in the time department. Hell yes, I will arrive before the laws of Physics allow! Muh ha ha! I dreamed I’d be early enough to get to bed by 10 after enjoying a luxurious meal at happy hour and visiting my account. I even pretended I’d get to take a bath before bed. #yeahright

Traffic in Birmingham at 3pm was not only a shit fest, per normal, it was like a pre judged screaming infant rush hour. Yeeeah. In case you’ve never driven through Birmingham, this is where the absolute worst drivers in America are stored. Just for reference, I’ve been to SF, ATL, LA, NY, and I live in the drunk driver capitol of the world, New Orleans. But in Birmingham, drivers behave like half-brained rabid dogs having seizures while fighting over a bone. Yes it’s that t-e-r-r-i-b-l-e.

While minding my own business in the far left, crawling, jammed pack division of downtown Birmingham hell.. I was alarmed by a giant golden Ford truck which appeared to jump clear over several lanes of stopped vehicles in an attempt to plow directly into me.. I suppose in an effort to smash my toaster into the cement wall to my close left.. Holy shitcan. Everything in my car came flying forward, as I slammed on my breaks while experiencing a mild cardiac arrest.. I haven’t said “Fuck” that loudly in a long time. I also haven’t screamed at a stranger like that.. Well, ever. Once the psycho driver decided to see me, she waved me to pass in my own lane (seriously insert more FU’s here). I trailed her, trying to manifest a cop that would be magically clairvoyant and ticket her.. Well, it worked right away! However I guess my lack of specificity was noted as it was not local police dude. Shit.

I was so annoyed by the ordeal (including my FU reaction to it) that I neglected to merge onto the correct intestate after Birmingham. Yay!!! Of course I had no idea for quite some time.. I was just driving, after all. Once I started to see those huge green signs for Chattanooga I suddenly realized I was going the wrong way. Cue: Major F word usage here. I battled which po-dunk incorrect exit to use but whatever. I was almost 2 hours away in the wrong direction. Erh.Merh.Gerd.Fuuuuck. Fuck seemed to be my favorite word this afternoon.

As I navigated the back highways of the long forgotten infrastructures of northern Alabama.. I tried to avoid the tinge of annoyance I felt as my dream of being early to Huntsville fell apart. I drove past some beautiful lakes and the overly planned golfing communities which surrounded them. Ok that made me feel a little better. I engaged in self conversations like “Why do people name their kids terrible names like Conner?” and “Why are there last names like Killjoy?” Who would want to killjoy and be a con artist at the same time? I passed a sign which read “Conner for”..something blah blah blah.. just a few seconds later. Oh joyous Sync. Where have you been today?

I rolled into my destination at 6:04 sharp. Two hours later than I’d hoped and 4 minutes later than I’d scheduled. Yep, I was 4 minutes late and totally annoyed over it. My Sun moved into Virgo a few months ago, making me way uptight about everything.. Especially being on time! I had to use the pisser so badly! Luckily the persona I was hoping to catch pre-6pm was still around the store I was visiting. Whew! As I hand delivered some awesome surprises I felt a sense of relief. I made it!! My day was almost finished!! Naturally I spent a lot more time visiting and training than I’d hoped for.. and my dreams of happy hour and a real meal vanished. It was okay. Yes, I was just telling myself that.. Such a liar!

I was told by a team member that I “Had to meet” someone- Which normally I loath hearing when I’m ready to leave. When I was told “You’ll just love them!” I cringed.. I usually bite my tongue in these instances in order to prevent blurting out turrets style “You don’t fucking know me!” Sometimes however, I’m wrong. So glad for that.

After the most exhausting day ever, I met “That person I’d just LOOOVE” who now, I hope, will be a long term close friend. We ran though some trainings, per-work required activity.. But around 8:45 something happened.. In between running back from industry chat, to being focused on training, I realized I was speaking to someone who was actualized. How often does that happen? Almost never. How often can I just freely talk without explaining anything? Never, ever.

I promised my new friend some full sized samples from my car.. I dashed off to find an easy dinner and screw off bottle of wine I could curl up in my hotel bed with. Okay, I hobbled off, not dashed, my foot is still pretty busted up.

After sharing the gift of health via my store-on-wheels, I expected to be checking into my hotel room within mere moments.. Wrong again, but this time it was okay. My new pal and I stood and talked for over an hour in the parking lot. We discussed numerology, syncing up, and life in general.. Along with being aware of a higher calling at a young age, drug addiction, evil, the media, occulted information, meditation, true sin, work, and art. When I described this AstroSync website my new friend said “You don’t need tarot to divinate anymore, we divinate with our everyday lives”. Yes, indeed.. That’s what I just said. Fantastic.

We discussed TPTW further and celebrities who’ve left their contracts with TPTW and suffered the consequences. I mentioned Lisa Remini leaving Scientology and promoting her book divulging the secrets of the Church. I blurted out “She’ll probably die in some crazy accident soon, that’s what always happens!” Just being able to be so honest was a really nice change.

After getting to know my new buddy for a few hours I got down to the business of asking his birthday. January 11, 1972. Obviously only a Capricorn Boar could be so brilliant. Yes I too am a Boar! (and a very modest Leo!) I told him my birthday and joked that I shared it with JLo. Oh, JLo.

I got to my hotel around 9:45 and it was across the street. My room number? 333.. Oh ok, #AstroSync coming back around! It was hard to not bust out laughing at the front desk. I got to my room and called my boyfriend back. He didn’t answer.. Defiantly sleeping. I was super jealous. I called my Mom back for a bit so I could tell her how much I said “Fuck” today. (Sync note: the TV just said “Call mom back”) I love my Mom.

Once I was done guzzling my first glass of accidentally purchased Red Zen (I thought it was Pinot Noir!) I zapped on the Tv. Please, brainwash me into sleep Tv. I found the greasy remote and grimy channel guide (Virgo y’all, Virgo) and I turned it to E! (because Bravo was something stupidly dumb at that moment). I don’t have cable, so I always watch trash Tv at my hotels when I can..

So what was on E!? Chelsea, interviewing Lisa Remini.. Who happens to be BFF with JLo.. and was dressed like JLo… So here I am.. Watching TV, syncing up the end of my day of saying “fuck”.. I’m eating an $8 microwaved, Gluten Free, Feta Spinach Mini-Pizza that tastes like fish.. No idea why it tastes like fish. Feta? I hate Feta. Again, why did I buy this? Damn shopping accidents. I haven’t eaten Microwaved food in years and I may be ill tomorrow from ingesting radiation. But until then, life is beautiful. Plus I’ve got like, more Huntsville visits tomorrow and I have to visit 3 accounts in Chattanooga and make it to Knoxville by bed-time. It’s almost 3am and if it wasn’t for that damn Tv sync I’d be sleeping by now!

Watch for the whispers of Sync. Listen for your direction. Never open yourself to everything- You are already everything.


(Another SYNC note: this is my 19th post)

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