Cosmic Dust

New Moon in Virgo – 2013

The 11th House

Astro-LOA Flash: New Moon in Virgo is perfect to bring more ritual into the daily routine, amping up both ‘heart’ and ‘production’. Its a time appreciate what is working  and feel compassion and reverence for all life, beginning with your own.

LA –  Thursday –  4:36 AM
NY –  Thursday –  7:36 AM
LON – Thursday -12:36 PM
SYD – Thursday –  9:36 PM

Virgo stand(s) for instrumentation, implementation and technical competence. Dennis Elwell. It is about skill development, and the rituals in life that are constantly creating and re-creating our experience of reality.

Think – ritual magic, new beginnings, initiation and awareness! You start creating habits that make life better. Now. Read your ‘solar houses’ below, and the house where you find 13 degrees Virgo.

AriesARIES/6th house: The New Moon in your house of health is the perfect time to start supportive new…

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