The Circle is the Cycle no8

Katrina’s 8 yr anniversary.

It’s so distinctively heavy here in the city tonight. Nobody was outside much today and the weather’s been cooler. Things have felt differently.. Not bad, not good, just differently. For example, usually I am sitting in my house which is dry. Tonight, I feel like my whole house is underwater. Seems strange, but it’s not. My house didn’t flood that I know of. It’s that energy, revisiting. The Scorpio swamp water, come to reclaim it’s memory.

The water pressure is so high that I’m gasping for breath as I type. My left eye has been watering all evening from psychic infection. My head hurts. I can’t remember what it’s like to swim and sit at the same time. It’s hard to breath. At the same time I realize I’m holding my breath. I’m not really underwater.

The past few days a storm has been brewing. Like a pressure chamber.. My neck is killing me! The past few months old Karma has been leaking out everywhere like bile. It’s seeping out from peoples mouths, their action, their thoughts. 

I’ve been practicing tying a lasso to this new Pony that’s coming. This wave of a higher octave. I can see the sparkle and light. This Merkaba vortex turned new station.

Tuning in can be hard to do. I’ve asked my guides to speak a little more loudly. While I sit here and type.. I have earbuds in, listening to music.. I can’t hear you? I hope I can. New life following death. The cycle of the circle. That is the theme. That is the mantra.

I heard someone on WWOZ two days ago during an interview say “New Orleans is the city where you come to live very slowly.. and people like that. But you come to Spiritually progress very quickly.. and not everybody likes that.” and it brought tears to my eyes. It was absolutely true. 

My astrologer friend just sent me a message and told me my North Node -Representing psychic destiny and your souls journey- is moving from my 1st house into my 12th over my Ascendant in Scorpio. As I write about deep waters I know I am stepping off the warm sandy shores and over a massive underwater cliff where I will hold my breath, find myself in the deep waters, and resurrect as a more highly guided soul.  

It’s been 8 years. 8 is the number of death, regeneration, and rebirth. Hurricane Katrina changed the way I lived and pushed me into ego death. Even in the months prior to the storm I was radically changing my life. After a visit from Pluto we emerge ready to grow taller and stronger.

This anniversary is a reminder to always rise to any obstacle.


This huge event pushed me to RISE to the occasion.. #Sync My rising Sign is Scorpio, which rules the 8th house. Number 8 is always a life changer. When you’re breaking down remember to let go and ride the wave of Pluto.

What do you think?

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