Syncing up

Merkaba Portal Through the Goddess Venus

Earth/Air Shift into Virgo.

The 19th-22nd of August. The Full Aquarian “blue” moon air shift. The air condition(ing) is restarting. Don’t be afraid of the heat. It too shall pass. Expect a cool breeze and a new horizon. 

Change be coming. Blessings be ballin. Molecules is buzzin. Elevation is here.

Accept. Embrace. Enhance. 

Today the Grand Merkaba alignment is reopened. The gateways will peak. A vortex will carry those looking to expand. Seek your atonement. Share yourself. 

Welcome Mercury and the Sun into Goddess of Earth, Virgo via the year of the water snake.

Cleanse your ethereal body. Serve and admire others. Put your hands on someone you love and/or into the soft earth. Stop controlling, start flowing.

Oh Goddess Virgo, recite me the story of a love so deep.. Tell of our adoration for Earth’s valleys and peaks. Plant me a garden of stories that bloom.. and sing thou messages of old’n gods when we’re through. Oh Venus, let your flower shine brightly in the oldest of skies. Ne’r a love so true, than the Earth Virgin’s tune. 

 Blessed be.


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