Natal and Sync Chart Reading for Jiva and John

Neptune- Choose to explore the wonder.


I did a chart reading recently for a friend of mine who we will call Jiva. She is also an astrologer and we’ve practiced together for years. I’m very familiar with her chart. We often re-open each other’s natal charts with new questions. This time, she had a friend, we’ll call him John, who is a bit more than a friend. Not really a lover, or a boyfriend, or even a close friend.. Just someone she felt strongly connected to. He made her feel self doubt, insecurity, and other such emotions. It was not due to any bad juju on his part, just their meshed energetic/karmic exchange. She couldn’t quite figure out their dynamic.. and the general lesson/message. She felt frustrated and stuck. So I was doing John’s chart, for her, with his permission specifically looking for past life connections and a moldy karmic buffet.


I knew nothing of John prior to that day except his (real) name and how they met. Every bit of information was deducted by his Natal chart. I use fixed stars, all types of planets, and look for patterns. There’s a good bit of Psychicness (not a word) to this type of personal reading. For the readers sake, I leave out planetary details. This way it’s much easier for my clients to absorb.


After briefly examining John’s chart alone- always required for a Syn(c)astry chart- The conclusion was that he is a direct messenger of the God Neptune. He does this through his music and his extremly deep emotional storage unit. Which she was manifesting messages from for the past few weeks. When I pointed our her current obsession with the sea, dolphins, sea turtles etc she blushed. Neptune was everywhere in her life lately. She’d been wanting to sing but was jealous of John’s talent. She was comparing herself to him big-time.. Meanwhile he was doing the same thing. Mirror Mirror.

Neptune who is the sea, is the biggest mirror of all. On the surface you see yourself but beneath.. You may sink for ages. It represents the deepest, darkest, most undisturbed sea floor. A place where the imagination can run wild with all the power of the Ocean.. Or a place where you can choose to feel lost, alone, afraid, and cold. Neptune, the 12th house, represents everything we may choose to be chained to. It is imprisonment.

birds of a dolphin 943548_211114855710018_1471779214_n

After a brief conversation filled with pointing out the obvious everywhere Neptune theme to Jiva.. We laughed and stepped into the deep sea of Neptune to swim for a bit. What we discovered was pretty enlightening.

My friend Jiva and her friend John had experienced past lives together in Atlantis, where they both experienced the destruction (flood/fire/shakes) firsthand. They were (male) lovers, he was a musical healer/teacher with a very high vibrational frequency. He was a master of his craft. She (then he) was a teacher of the stars and crystal energy. She showed others how to heal themselves with the gods and the battery of love, Earth. Their connection was very strong. They swore to find each other, always, as many modern married couples do. Their souls are entwined as web.

Many times promising forever means, forever.. As long as your soul is on this plain (and even beyond) FOREVER. Once you enter this contract you are obligated to “work out” aka Pay off your karmic debt. Everyone racks up debt, it’s part of life. The real beauty of life is creating your own magical payment plan! Since Jiva and John made this vow, they were bound to their contract and continued to find each other for many, many incarnations following Atlantis.


They were Incan, then later religious students (monks, nuns), mountain dwelling nomads, Native Americans, South Americans, as Dolphins or Whales, and likely some time spent forcibly silent or repressed.. This representing the prison of Neptune. This can mean past time in a prison camp, POW camp, solitary confinement, slavery, battered/abused person/animal, actual prison system, financial debt, etc. This theme manifesting in ‘reality’ is not punishment, understand that everyone makes the choice to learn lessons and pay off debt in their current life. Ya gotta pic your classes before you attend Earth school. There is no wrong or right, it’s just up to you to figure out what’s correct for your highest being.
Thus in this life John seeks freedom, carries the traits of a wounded warrior, sensitive artist, and ancient healer/heeler. He was raised by a domaneering father who was abusive to his mother. John perceived his mother as weak and isolated himself, avoiding his fathers scorn. His entire life he’s been interested in having a male lover but leu of his rather religious, abusive, and fear based upbringing.. He’s always suppressed and felt guilty the idea. Unfortunately this is rather common and once the client knows there is usually a huge emotional and karmic weight lifted from their shoulders. It’s nice to have “It’s alright to be yourself” pointed out for you on paper!
In his fearful and isolated youth John turned to music as medicine for his soul. This is a common theme for Neptune people. Once we knew where he was literally coming from, we could begin to understand their dynamic by Syncing their natal charts.

Jiva’s general concerns revolved around communication and intimacy issues. John didn’t like to communicate his feelings, because he was always shunned by his father for doing so. His unusual jealousy of her singing voice and musical abilities caused a rift in their friendship. And although she felt he was more talented, and repeatedly told him so.. He felt like she was patronizing him and resented her opinion. This brought up many old memories for them in past lives.. and helped them communicate once again. They had many colorful breakthroughs to share together.

I advised that John needs to create music with others in order to grow. I suggested he begin learning to communicate with his heart. The heart must be used or it will stop working at an early age. That’s why men have heart attacks more than women. I also suggested John learn to feel safe without using his strong defense mechanism of being snappy and hermiting away. I encouraged him to explore his interest in men at least once. I also asked him to forgive his parents and especially his mother. I recommended he avoid depressants and especially alcohol. Neptune people will drowned their emotions in a bottle instantly.


It’s been a few weeks since I did this chart and I’m happy to say Jiva and John are still debating who is a better musician. They are using the information from their reading to grow.. and while John may be a little more hesitant to admit he’d like to change, she can tell he has lightened his karmic load some.

Thanks for reading. Props to Neptune, great god of the deep mirror


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