Syncing up

Water water everywhere, not a drop to see.


Today has been quite obscure yet I know oh so obvious. I’m currently trying to decipher instead of get frust.HATE.d. Instead of complaining, I’m analyzing. Truth, on my mind are what I wrongly describe as obligations to practice more Astrology. I long to be better, I want to try harder. Instead I’ve been sleeping a lot, watching Netflix more than I wish to admit, and not exercising. I always get better at everything when I exercise. Yet, I don’t. It’s hot outside. I should just do Yoga. I think about it more than I do it. Procrastination station, that’s me.


Usually when I delay action I feel guilt. That’s my watery dark shadow way. The grand feminine (water) Merkaba alignment yesterday was a long time coming. My head exploded. #chakratalk Now I’m trying to SEE what I should see.


What do you think?

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