Syncing up this

Yes. My day started off with a bang. I woke up to dog shit. Awesome. Hello single turd-cake. Odd, just one. Where are the rest? I didn’t find them. I looked everywhere and yes, smelled around. Both dogs look guilty. I test them both, separately. They both know it’s gross and neither fesses up. Clever move bitches, now no body will get in trouble. I consider for a moment it’s an old poop, looks kinda dry. But nope, warm. Totally not old. I flushed the tiny cake away. Then I texted Ryan about the shit gift.


Shortly after I was bit by a stomach bug type something. Not vomit, the other. I probably took too much aloe last night. I’m getting old. I turned 30 last week. I’m still in  a sugar hangover. I feel dehydrated. I can’t drink enough water. I’m guzzling minerals too. My face skin looks so terrible right now. I use high end organic face care brands. My skin should feel hydrated! I want to take a nap. I want to hide in my house. Ugh, mirror. Damn mirror. I try not to hate my red face skin again. I like to make weird faces in the mirror and judge myself. Then I start to feel like a fatty. It’s a very nasty habit. I’d rather be a smoker.

Ok, time to get to work.. Emails, more emails. Phone calls. Voicemails. Messages. Emails again. Schedules. Demos. More demos. Yes I work from home.


Later my dog girls/bitches acted a fool.. Let’s go outside, it’s too hot, lets go inside. It’s so hot, so hot. Water, more water. Barking. Barking. Please let’s play. It’s too hot never mind. Panting. Nap. Then feathered insanity. Cheeping. Churping. Following. Pick me up. Following. Scratching. Cheeps. Yelling. More yelling. My head hurts! I had a (chakra) headache all week leading up the Merkaba alignment. I’m over headaches! I want silence!! I scream for silence. It’s like fucking for virginity. Or war for peace.


At this point I feel that politics for the people will happen before my house is ever quiet. I’m starving. So hungry. What is there to eat? I have a house full of food and I deprive myself. I made Yerba Mate an hour ago but I’ve been trying  (to-not-be-irritated) to drink it.

While making a boring lunch which included a boxed tomato soup.. I spilled half a bag of Millet on the kitchen floor. Millet, tiniest shit ever. Impossible to clean up. I left it on the floor. I felt apathetic. I hope the dogs eat it. May be the giant ANT(swer) bed on my front walk-way will move back here. I water-hosed it away and it returned overnight. OVERNIGHT. Bigger and better than ever. Ants(ers) like millet right? I don’t know how I spilled it. I should probably take some Maca. I cry over spilled millet, just on the inside. I don’t take the maca. Deprivation again.

Thirty minutes go by. Diego is still hollering. While on a call I broke my favorite porcelain tea mug. It was almost full of Yerba Mate. I was just sitting at my desk, using the phone.. Cue crashing, breaking of mug noise. “I’ll call you back.” Shit, I use that mug every day. Now.I.Must.Change. <panic> Was that a spasm? How did that happen? At least my computer is safe. Relief. Porcelain goes everywhere. Tea is everywhere. Everywhere.


During the whole day, and especially at this point, Diego manages to scream irregularly. S.C.R.E.A.M. At some point, I returned fire. Now the house is quiet. Fire with fire. I drank a double dose of liquid multi. I drank a huge glass of water. I’m currently playing music in an effort to distract Diego into singing. It usually doesn’t work.

I may be insane by 5pm if I can’t figure out this lesson. Spilling, dropping, breaking. Small pieces. Using new tools. Listening. Quiet. Stay out of the heat. Snake year.


I just checked the time at it’s 3:14. I guess this is what I’m supposed to be doing. Always good to get that little nod hello. #hellofromtheYOUniverse


My day has really been quite an AN(t)swer. What is the lesson? I have no idea. It could turn out to be I’m hiding under my covers while I find it. But I’m trying not to call it stressful, annoying, WTF? It’s just, what it is. This is my day. This is my dream. Two things I will never say “FML” and “What a terrible day”.. Be wary not to curse creation.

Looks like a new download is coming. 314. Ants. Antswers. Listen up. Break your mold. Break new ground. Grow. Expand. 11:11. Snake. Virgo. Venus.

and it’s eye on eye on eye on eye on eye on eye on eye




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