Jupiter/Zeus/Jesus {running Into the Wild} no6/24 & The Light of Christ in Us

I started writing this article in early June. I was preparing to move from Tennessee (the wild) back to New Orleans (a special type of “wild”). I watched the JuPIter/9th house Expansive/Teacher movie Into the Wild, just days before we were scheduled to leave.

It was just a short one week slide into our Solstice/1st day of Summer move back to New Orleans.. and I was seriously riding the wave. The longest day of the year, when the sun hits it’s full glory and starts to “turn darker” is one of my favorite holy.days. It is also the first day of Cancer (can.soar or can.sour? Depends on how you handle the darker days once the sun starts to fade!) My boyfriend is a Cancer and I was born on the Cancer/Leo cusp (7.24.83).


Most stories, be a storyline or someones life, carry archetypal syncs. These links to planets, numbers, and the heavens (as above, so below) symbolize our past lives, our karma, and our soul’s contracts. If you pay attention, you can see these patterns in your natal chart, your daily life, and even in your favorite movies!

Thor, also known as the God of Thunder represents Jupiter in Norse lore. Notice how it was released on May 6- During the time of (Sync with Rory!) 6×7=42. juPIter. Thursday is “Thorsday” and happens to be my “Lucky day” of the week! 


My brilliant friend Rory goes beyond personal Sync codes and actually decodes hollywood/pop culture/TPTW to their bare skeleton. I highly recommend her blog SynchroMiss if you’d like to read a more detailed synopsis or find her twitter meta.real (material, see what I did there?)


Although I’ve seen Into the Wild several times, the last time I watched it was years ago.. and I was not “fully synced”. This time it was a totally new movie! I noticed my own sync-link to it right away. The movie was released on Sept 21st, 2007. It was the year of the boar- my Chinese zodiac sign. The cycle that year was 24, meaning I turned 24 because the Chinese zodiac repeats every 12 years much like the “eastern” zodiac of the stars repeating each 12months. September 21st is (usually) the date of Fall solstice. Jupiter itself “returns” to it’s natal placement every 12 years.


The word “solstice” literally means “when the sun stands still” (SON, the Almighty, Zeus, Jesus) and the fall celebration of Solstice representing a time to die to the darkness and prepare for a new light represented by CHRIST. “John the Baptist (A no6 B. 6.24) is said to have died 6 (No’s 24/42) months before Jesus whose death was at the time of the spring equinox, which would make John’s death at the time of the autumn equinox. The autumn equinox is a time of death, as just as in nature at this time of year the seed must die before it can grow, so must the subconscious and the egos die to make way for the birth of the Christ within, celebrated at the winter solstice.” The prominent goal of the man (and character) Christ.opher McCandles was to free himself (liberation, light, christ freedom) from the ego binding of society/materialism. Such a Ju.PI.ter thing to do!


A dominate archetype in my life, and Into the Wild, is the Christ energy. The seeking of the light and the ultimate truth- Very Sagittarius/Jupiter/Christ! I was raised in a very full gospel church where I literally had to discover who the “real Jesus” was on my own. The Jupiter/Christ archetype encompasses a quiet, healing messiah, mystical aura charged with ethereal electric energy (LIGHTning).

The glyph or symbol of Jupiter in Astrology is the number 24, often shown as the throne of Zeus.


My name is CHRIST.ina and if that’s not enough, I was born on the 1st degree of Leo (1st day ruled by the SUN/SON of god AKA the LION-SUN/SoN-KING) The name Jesus literally means “Hail to Zeus” Je-Sus. Zeus was the “King of the Gods” and “The Almighty” in Greek Mythology.. and Jupiter was his Roman equivalent.


Christopher Johnson McCandless, seemingly a Stubborn and rebellious Aquarius Sun (11th house/ Uranus) with a Capricorn (12th house/Saturn) Rising sign and Leo Moon (5th house/ Sun) It’s accepted in Evolutionary Astrology that ones sun sign (or even rising sign) is the past incarnation’s moon sign.

In this case, Christopher could’ve been the SON (sun) or the FATHER (saturn). The name Christopher means carrier of Christ (his sun sign Aquarius is the Archetypal Energy, or light, Bearer). The very famous bearer of the SUN/Son, St Christopher is the patron Saint of travelers (Jupiter/Sagittarius). He is often shown being guided by The Father (Saturn) from above toting little Jesus/Jupiter along his holy baby path. 


Christopher’s initials were CJM or reversed, MJC… Master (teacher) Jesus Christ (Jupiter again!). Christopher grew up (homelife/cancer/no4) in turmoil (rough seas/Neptune/personal prisons/no12) His bad dream (of imprisonment) related to his mother (symBULLized by cancer/no4) and father (symBULLized by capricorn/no11). His first life lessons were (likely) to continuously seek freedom from being subjected to/Witness of torturous personal imprisonment and the imprisonment of his female family members. Christopher learned to trust himself and look for answers outside of his home and inside of himself. While it may seem “unfortunate” that is not the case. Jupiter rules fortune and there is nothing we can’t learn from no matter how “unfortunate” it seems.

Screen Shot 2013-07-13 at 2.20.36 AM

Often times those with a powerful Jupiter presence will find themselves in tricky situations where they must seek answers outside of the familiar/family. It’s been said we choose our parents long before we incarnate through them. In this case, Christopher would’ve chosen his family so his soul/he could strive to actively seek freedom and knowledge. He did this first by reading revolutionary “before their time” books about freedom and nature.

His sun sign, aka his power source incarnate, Aquarius, is ruled by the sociable, brilliantly cunning, revolution oriented, Uranus.

If you’d like to see a more detailed account of his natal chart please read: Christopher McCandless Natal chart: Venus/Jupiter/Pluto and Past life contracts


McCandless graduated from High School in Fairfax, Virginia (founded in the yr OX/how BULLtiful/Taurus/Venus/VIRGIN.ia/VIRGIN).

His “unusual” completion of formal education (9th house/juPIter/Sagittarius/42/24) may seem pointless.. But his Capricorn rising sign/Saturn/11th house/father approval meter craved such power. Once graduated, Chris(t) becomes his own man ruled by his heart/LEO moon sign.


The more he looked outward for his truth, the more he realized it was always within him. This peace brought him a great expansive yet simplistic desire to explore nature (and likely heal himself or pay past karmic debts). He did not want possessions, he wanted real life!

After he satisfied his elders expectation for higher education (9th house/11th house) and his need to run INTO THE WILD (juPIter/Freedom/no9/42/24) to escape the bondage (pisces/12th house) that his father (capricorn/11th house) has put him under.

On June 10 (during Gemini/Mercury), McCandless embarked on one of his first major adventures (exploration/freedom/no9)

Jupiter 42/24/12/6

Even the numbers added into each other, the No10 day of and time of 6+10+1986= 6+1+1+9+8+6= 7+1+1=9+9+8+6=18+8+6=9+8+6= 17+6= 24/JuPIter.. or 6/Virgo/mercury (or add 1+7+6=14=5/Leo, his Moon was in Leo)

“McCandless was strongly influenced by Jack LondonLeo TolstoyW. H. Davies and Henry David Thoreau. In his junior year, he declined membership in the PhI (Pi!) Beta Kappa Society, on the basis that honors and titles were irrelevant. McCandless graduated from Emory on May 12 (Taurus!) 1990… He envisioned separating from organized society for a “Thoreauvian period of solitary contemplation.”

Just as Jesus was said to wander the wildness alone, Christopher too desired this experience.


The number on his found Magic bus 142. or i.42? 42/JuPIter.


Christopher died at age 24 (jupiter number) in August 1992 from accidently eating a toxic wild plant.

8+1992 = 8+1+9+9+2= 9+9+9+2= 27+2= 2+7+2 = 9+2 = 11 = 1+1= 2 which is the birth of 6, 24, 42 etc. No2 also represents Taurus ruled by Venus. In case you’re wondering, the real “wild” is our soul. The destiny to remember who we were and what we’ve agreed to.. The YOUniverse walkers, the depths of the depths of our infinite natures- That is the real WILD. Using your inner light to outshine your inner darkness is the ultimate Christ Karmic Mirror.

Have you gone Into the Wild?


Thanks for reading and may you light your own path with divine light-


This DL lasted from 6.11.13 to 7.13.13 and will continue to sync-on!

(this is my 6th blog post)

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