Syncing up

777:11 Plane’s that can.SOAR with Bird/Angels & Mer.CURE:ME.y’s message from S.F.

Plane crashes aren’t generally thought of as anything other than headline news. But there is SYNC and messages for all in all. Everything in due time and for good purpose according to the law. The majority of passengers were not harmed on this flight crash-landing, making it quite the miracle/ What is the Oracle? Let us look deeper..

This plane crashed at SFO- Flight 777, with 290 people on board (2+9=11) 777 & 11. Both 11 and 777 are fully charged powerful Angel numbers which carry the vibration of luck, miracles, and messages from the heavens. Ie: ETs, oversouls, spirit guides, etc. Yesterday I mentioned the number/time 7:11 in a post. Talk about syncing! 


[There was “No (other) way down” for these people on the plane]

San Francisco itself was founded as a port city (See above, Port of Morrow) during the time of Cancer on June 29th, 1776. It was also the year of the Fire Monkey/MOON-KEY. MOONKEYS are gifts/keys to the Moon which some individuals/locations possess. They are feminine in nature and generally possessed by people with strong cancer or 4th house in their charts. They give us the divine feminine and magic related to miracles and angels. 


The fire element is based on transformation and LIGHT. Often it is represented by the falcon or Phoenix (death, rebirth ruled by water sign Scorpio). The city of SF’s symbol and mythology link is also to the Falcon. There are a lot of light workers currently in SF working to transform the city/world using fire vision/ energies. In 1906 3/4 of the city burned down- an obvious fire imbalance!! As I suspected 1906 was a FIRE year!! The year of the Fire horse- which the Chinese notably consider very “unlucky” (SO not 777!) The city itself is the transformation (fire energy) hub for many movements across the world. Monkeys are tricksters, clever and cunning.. They are likened with Mercury/no1 which I posted about just last night. According to Wikipedia it was the 44th most visited city in the world, and no6 in the USA by tourists in 2011 (44’s, 6’s, and 11’s again!) 


The number 777 appears when souls are being congratulated for their accomplishments. Individuals with this magic/angelic protection have many goals in various spiritual realms. These people will typically be protected by the highest levels of guardians/angels. They will experience luck beyond “luck” you know- Lucky number 7! No7 represents the correct path and your divine purpose. 777 is one of my favorite combinations and below is a section of a painting from a series I did based on numerology, about a month ago.


Numer 11 appears during times of elevation, enlightenment, and transcendence. The zodiac represents no11 with Aquarius (the “age” we are in now). It is a number gifted to intuitive seekers, healers/HEELers, and visionaries (just like the visionary fire energy of the city!) The number is very extreme and although it is not easy, it is rewarding. It’s downfall is fear.. As in, fear of dying or being static/not SOARing high. Can(you)SOAR? Can.SOAR or Can.SOUR? Cancer/cansoar/no4 has a lot to teach us this year. 


Who was on this plane who needs to be on this plain (of existence)? What do they have left to accomplish? Number 777’s greatest truth is the reality that MORE miracles are coming and more life is to be enjoyed. The 777:11 combo is very important.The number 111 is symbolic of the Trinity of God, One and Three times Saint. It represents the God-Father in the Holy Trinity and it also symbolizes sky.” Did God/Divinity/YOUniverse save these people via the angels? Was SAINT Francis himself involved? 11 represents creation, collective consciousness, and social leadership. St Francis was a social leader who created collective change. He is the patron Saint of Birds.. (Green) Birds are representative singers of the GOD MERCURY. Mercury rules the time of Gemini, falling (pun intended) right before the time of Cancer/cansoar. These singing, SOARING, messengers are quite famously represented (Angel guardians of San Francisco) as seen in the documentary The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill. Saint Francis would be the modern equivalent of the guardian of air travel. 


So our MerCURE:ME/Mercurial message.. We have a lot of work to do as a collective social group. We need leaders, visionaries, and action. We need to SOAR and SING! Connect to the divine in you and in all. Learn to Sync/sing the song of the GODs. We are here, in right moment, in right time, in right action. So use your time wisely. We are “lucky to be alive” right now and yes, “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for”. See the SONG of Psalm 11(6):1 (another numerology SYNC)


… and ain’t nobody got time for dying!


A “plane crash” or a “plain crash” what is to be RE:NEW.ED?


According to this passenger and path user, no one was severely injured during the crash. (Most media outlets are reporting injuries and 1 or 2 deaths at this time) Now THAT is an angelic and elevating miracle!

What do you think?

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