Nep:TUNE(in) and Cancer/4th house syn(C)astry Mu.sic(k) heal/heel-ing

  • I just finished a chart reading for a friend of mine. It was mostly a SYN(C)astry/synastry chart, meaning it was her chart plus her energetic/emotional interests chart, we will call him Phin (as in Dolphin). First we had to analyze his natal chart (birth info). I’ve spent plenty of time on her chart in the past, so it only took about an hour to finish!

    The very simplified theme of his chart was that he is an old soul messenger of the GOD Neptune. His art is to sing/heal others (HEEL, also related to/representing Mercury and also a sync with his real name). Currently he’s learning to heal himself in a very safe and secure place. The other main theme is his strong 4th house/Cancer/water energy. His defense is to run and hide in his shell or get snappy/crabby with others. He needs to feel safe and water is SO his thing! It was a beautiful reading- which I will post very soon.

    Shortly after we finished I got on her Facebook page and whaddya know- Phin was all over it! She’s been doubting her own understanding of him- But evidently already knew who he was. You see, we already know the answers! I helped her understand more about him- so she could understand the themes in their karma- and speed healing! Talk about astrosync! Below I’ve posted the images she’d shared via Facebook and the comments I left on them. Syncing is so cool!!!


    Oh look it’s your friend!!! The singing messanger of GOD Neptune- in the sky!! It’s formed by birds- Also singers! But they sing to the GOD Mercury, represented by the 3rd house/gemini/mercury/Communicator HEELer (Healing/Heeler, that’s a name meaning SYNC!) Messenger of the GOD/Neptune- The elegant, beautiful, singing Dolphin!#astrosync

    Note the birds are all connected!!

  • birds of a dolphin

    Turtle totem traditionally represents Cancer/4th house- Especially the sea turtle! It’s a hybrid of Cancer and Neptune!! These little babies are running back/returning into/to the sea for SAFTY and security! They’re being guided by their family with love- all related to home/family/4th house and the SEA (of stars, we are sisters)  The GOD NEPTUNE. #astrosync


    About four days ago I posted this photo on my own personal Facebook page! I still roar with laughter each time I see it! I’m a leo, ok?


    Isn’t syncing cool!!!


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