Syncing up

Ju:PI.turn onto SYNC 6 and tune out to Magic no.1

I started this download on 6.6.13- Exactly one month ago today- 7.6.13. Jupiter joined our Sun at the end of June (around the 19th). I anticipated this event for weeks. I have over 6 Jupiter SYNCs in my natal chart! I am a JU.PI.TER girl! (My numerology number is 6!)



Jupiter passed behind the Sun on June 19th, allowing a literal “restart/RE:start” leading into the Mercury RE:trograde/trickster/magician I.AM.MAGI.Nation (my mantra and name of my fermentation company- Imagination Fermentation)- Reminding us that the magician/media is in the spotlight. The Magician is tricky. Personally I can’t wait for the day until the Kardashians/Kanye are not on the front page of Yahoo.



[ Here the magician (No1) connects heaven and earth. This is an excellent pose to practice if you tend to “space out” and need grounding. Read about this more on my post What is Sync? ] Speaking of junk news and tricks- The media control structure is crumbling. The signs are obvious, if you go to most anywhere the headlines are about Celebrities, their babies, babies mommas, daddy drama, and sometimes sports.. and/or those celebs. These are all desperate distractions to bid for our time/brainwaves/sacred power. Only six (24/666) (Jewish owned) companies control 96% of The World’s Media. Is it any wonder that the March Against Monsanto/May 25th 2013 was worldwide and ZERO news agencies covered the story. Nah, lets talk about KimYae’s Jebus baby.


The magician behind the media/TPTW are quite obcessed with “power” which they “grant themselves through grants” via the Federal Reserve, which is just as Federal as FedEX. This imaginary money, imaginary power, granted by civilains who are completely drowsy from drugs like TV/Pharmacuiticals/GMOS/HFCS etc are mostly unaware of wassup. There are endless distractions and there’s more being pumped through the system at warp speed. I’ve seen many of my sensitive/intuitive friends jumping on and off of Facebook out of sheer confusion. The ‘negative overload’ they/we all are experiencing is literally the purging of toxicity from the energy field we call home.  It’s hard to not stomp in place and cry.. Feel free to do that.. Just don’t generate anything foul. 364841-5779-34

SYNC: Since Saturn (the planet of social structure) is in Scorpio (the sign of death/rebirth) from 2012-2015, I expect a good bit of going on around the globe. “The Age of Aquarius” where Neptune entered it’s home sign, Pisces, occurred on Feb3.2012. (during Aquarius). The Aquarian number is 11, which is generally associated with ascension and elevation in numerology magic i.e.: 11:11 on the clock or 4:11 (angel ascension) 3:11 (angel awareness) 7:11 (divine love ascension) and so on. IMG_8543IMG_8852

The love that people are generating is becoming so strong that the very “web” structure TPTW have enjoyed plaguing against us- is the very structure that is saving us. Just like mushroom Mycelium sends messages via energy channels- we too are sending energetic messages around the word to protect ourselves from infection/TPTW. Since this DL started the Egyptian people have risen up and overthrown their Government. This flooding of people in the streets synced with the rising of the star Sirus and the annual Nile season Akhet- Or the flooding of the river, followed by the planting, and the harvest. The ending harvest comes in September.. Will there be a Sync/ harvest of the land for the people again? Akhet also “happens to be” the Egyptian language hieroglyph for “horizon”.. IE: A RE:NEW.ed Egyptian HORIZON is coming… A new HOR(us).i(am)z(i)on RISING- We shall see.  Just keep up the cheer-leading-“Isis isis ra ra ra!”


During the first part of June I enjoyed watching Sex and the City while writing. I realized the character Carrie Bradshaw started the”Sorry I’m not sorry” movement, which is quite a popular hatch/# on IN.STA(TIC).gram/Instagram right now. I’d also imagine that if the joke translates, that’s exactly how the folks over in Egypt feel about their stance against a dictator. “Sorry I’m not sorry” is a quote from Season 6 Episode 7- Sex and the City- which first aired on JUNE 6th, 1998. See all these RE:JU/VINE/NATION links? This download lasted from 6.6 – 7.6 (2013-1998= 15yrs ago= 1+5=6) SYNC!



“The movement is jah people”

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