What is Sync?

Sync is that moment some people call “coincidence”. it’s when you talk about a friend you haven’t seen in years, only to see them within 24hrs. You can call it “prediction” or “manifestation” but they are all SYNC.

Sync is seeing your own numerology number (or birthdate) on your clock/watch/homescreen everyday, or multiple times in a day (and you may not even realize it). It’s the message beyond the numbers. It’s the song that’s playing while you take note.. What’s it about? Is there a lesson for you here? The YOUniverse is very subtle and uses clues/SYNCS to help us accelerate our learning here on Earth school.


I “just so happened” to check my phone at 7:24 (my birthdate) this image/timing instantly got my attention- I took a screenshot for later analysis. I usually just get my bliss on when I see my numbers.. So sometimes it can take a while before “the obvious message” SYNCS-in. In this example, I’d been practicing the silent (no mouth on this lady!) meditation of connecting the heavens + Earth.. This exact pose. I’d been feeling ungrounded (I spend a lot of time “spacing out”) and also felt that my throat chakra was becoming exhausted (I have a career in sales). Notice the five pointed star on her dress? That’s my favorite shape, all 24 of them (23 on her, 1 on the boy), total sync! My lesson? Learn to speak a little less. Go outside more often (I’d slacked off!).. Major lesson, listen to my boyfriend more- Represented by the water boy wearing a star. My boyfriend is a Cancer/sign of the moon and medium bodies of water (like in this photo!) He’s also younger than me. Also if you’re wondering this image is from a Neutral Milk Hotel album which I’d not listened to in ages.. Major triple SYNC score!


So if you need more synchronization examples..

Sync is when you go make groceries, and you get the same cashier each time on different days.. Only to discover after numerous conversations that you share the same hometown, friends, and age. Are you seeing the same person everywhere? Then you’re both Syncing up. You could’ve grown up down the street from each other. You could be related from another lifetime.. Don’t pass up the opportunities to grow!!


Sync is literally the moments when your whole body lights up in tingles, from head to toe.. This “electrification” of your “body electric” is your souls way of saying “YEP!” some people call it “the chills” some folks naturally understand this occurrence and “let it ride”. Those are the people who have the “lucky lives” and they “go with the flow” Sync is literally a wave, if you don’t ride it.. It will probably crash down all over you!


Catholics call it “signs” and Christians call it “God”… You can call it whatever you like, but it’s sync. Sync is, the moment when the YOUniverse in us/you/me/the heavens pops over to say “Hello, I love you, thanks for being so bright! You’re doing a great job, carry on!” Once you get Synced up, you can only sync more. This brings in blessings via your gratefulness (to sync). Once your blessings are flowing you will begin to notice more “coincidences” and realize that not only are things syncing with you, but your friends and family too. We are ALL connected, understanding that connection can be difficult to comprehend.. But if you can use the internet, like you’re doing now.. then you’re already connected to everyone at once. We are the world wide web, we are the community. Everything you need to know is already available to you, so stop searching and start Syncing!


I use Astrology as a means to sync to the heavens. I look for patterns in the sky to anticipate coming events, so we can all SYNC a little faster! When I was in High School the band INSYNC was very popular, and while I never listened to them, I really vibed with that name. It was around that time, 15years ago, that I began to realize what sync really was.

I’ve been studying astrology for over half of my life and I’m ready to share my theories, downloads, and vision. I’m excited that we can all sync together to sing the songs of the stars. We are the stars, we are all a SEAofSTARS. SEA.STARS/sisters (and brothers too! but they were even girls first!)


“What if I were the night sky?”


It’s my first post to this site & July 4th. While we AmeriCANs aren’t quite “free” according to general standards.. We are only held down by “power” we perceive to be a threat… So if you ever feel suppressed, make sure to see beyond your eyes.. It’s usually EYE/I/You/We who is doing the imprisoning. Freedom may be relative, but liberation is YOUniversal. Go forth, be free, and be blessed. I look forward to SYNCing you real soon ❤


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